Primary Schools Music Development Program

The Kingston Academy of Music proposed to draw our accumulative teaching and performing experiences, making accessible and encouraging the overall development of both classroom teacher and student alike, incorporating all of the following aspects into the program: Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity, Transformation, Innovation, Confidence-building, Encouragement in Communication Skills, and Teamwork.

The Program began late October 2010 with 10 Participating Primary Schools and completed late May 2011. The 12 Module structure of the program covered the following: 01. What is Music. 02. Introduction to Percussion. 03. Working on Percussion Kit. 04. Voice, Your own Unique Instrument. 05. Singing around the World. 06. Graphic/Visual Notation. 07. Music as a Narrative. 08. Music in Film and Animation. 09. Contemporary/Traditional Irish Music. 10. Conducting. 11. Songwriting. 12. Band Workshop.

The Program was applied to all levels of the Primary School Music Curriculum. The children's age groups ranged from 5years to 12 years. The music material was adapted appropriately for the various age groups. Each Module had an aim and an Assignment/Project. (please see examples of the Music Project Copies/Scrapbooks submitted from each school). Every quarter a feedback form was submitted to Kingston Academy. A detailed classroom teacher's observation was logged from each participating school as we progressed through the program. The feedback data included the following:

  • Brief description of Modules to date: ( stimuli, media, instruments / resource material etc )
  • Level of children's interest and engagement in the Module.
  • Observation Chart on observed benefits in communication, exploration, concentration, teamwork, motor/manual skills, listening, confidence building etc
  • Benefits continued and observed outside the module.
  • Individual child impression.
  • Observation on any challenging/negative outcomes for children.
  • Barriers/challenges to continued progression of the program.
  • Comment on relationship between musician/teacher.
  • Has the form impacted on future sessions & Any other feedback.